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We have been receiving quite a lot of positive feedback that encourages us more and more to keep on with the project. Here we would like to share with you what people say about us. Feel free to comment!



love the site and it covers topics I love as well, especially about travel and expat life, so count me in! – Ilana

I am happy to participate in this interesting project. I am glad to tell you about my thoughts and feelings about Germany and Germans. – Marina

"I like that Multicoolty is showing that there are not only blond Germans in Germany. 
It shows that Germany is multicoolty. Normal media is often ignoring that part." – Ibtisam

Прочитал. Интересный проект. Актуальный. Мультикультура теперь везде. Россия не исключение. 
У человека негативное отношение к эмигрантам, но волей судьбы он попадает в другую страну и ... Об этом нужно говорить. - Oleg

“I think what you guys are doing is pretty awesome. Get German perspectives in it.” – Abu

This multicoolty can only go bigtime, the idea is too good, it makes my day everyday, and funny enough, being an ‘estranger’ in another African country, I still can identify with what you experience as a foreigner in Germany sometimes…. Keep it up girls! I am your number 1 fan! Christine

Subtitled “One country, hundreds of nations, thousands of stories” this website could be of interest to anyone who wants to read about people from different countries who live in Germany, their daily struggles, what they think about Germans and their way of life, about food, culture shocks etc. Thank you, Inga and Eve, for this interesting website, keep up the good work!

I have  reviewed the website and like the format. It seems different. I like how MultiCoolty places the importance on the people and what they have to say, with their pictures big and beautiful at the top of their content. Christina

“Looks so interesting.”  Lucy

"Tell the Germans to end the MEA CULPA sickness and tell the world about all the great things that came from Germans! Without Germans and German contribution we  would still  live in the dark ages, dumb and sick......which has now affected the remaining Germans!! Please give them courage!!! Thanks!" 

I enjoyed looking at your website and think it is wonderful.


"I would love to share my experiences, just let me know what I need to do."
"I would love to participate! I checked out your site and it is wonderful."
“Very simply and  clear idea – a great plus. However, on the one hand it looks a bit like a propaganda to Germany. If you only add some more negative stories about immigration and integration, they would definitely offset the apparent bias. On the other hand, you could develop the same project for the countries in the world and not only for Germany, then it would get even more interesting! To cut it short, the idea is very interesting and most likely will become very very popular!”
I like the idea behind your project and I would be happy to participate.
"I just checked out multicoolty, I love it! What a wonderful idea! I'd be happy to answer any of your questions :)"

“I liked it! I do like this kind of “social anthropology” way of letting people talk about themselves, real stories, real testimonies.” Bruno

And it’s a great project you are doing! – Christie

“I like the project very much!” Katia

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  1. Living in Deutschland is such a wonderful experience. I have been there once, and looking forward to be there again. Nice Project

  2. Errich, I don't want to offend you but I have to say your comment sounds exaggerated to me. Of course there are many good and open-minded Germans, but also there are some with fascist ideas and unfortunately are not so few.

  3. I just spent about 30 minutes on your site, and I think it’s fantastic. After taking three Deutsch als Fremdsprache courses, I thought it would be very cool to be able to read the stories of individuals who have chosen to come to Germany, so I think Multicoolty is fantastic.

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