My name is Irene. I was born in Russia, but my parents and I moved to Ukraine in 1996 as it was my parents’ country of origin.

What do you like / dislike about the country and the people?

In Ukraine I like friendly people, clear language, astonishingly rich culture, beautiful, picturesque places and delicious national cuisine. But I don’t like the political situation and the war in the East.

Has your lifestyle changed after coming to this country? If yes, in what way?

To be honest, I have never  thought about this question. We lived in a small town in Russia and then we moved to the capital. It’s obvious for me, that living in small towns is more comfortable than in metropolises.

Does the Ukraine seem multicultural to you?

Oh, yes, the definition “multicultural country” suits Ukraine very much. In the streets one can meet a lot of foreigners, both tourists and locals. I know that a lot of students come to our country to get their higher education here. Perhaps, the education in Ukraine is not expensive and the given knowledge is rather good.

What do you do for a living now?

After graduating from the University I took a job according to my diploma at the office and spent there 4 years. Now I am developing a business of my own. I write my blog for women and about women.

Have you ever been a victim of racism or discrimination?

No, never!

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