I came to the US through an ordinary tourist visa having received it half a year before the flight. I came there in May. The tickets were bought spontaneously as a surprise for me. 😉

Why America?

America? Well… because I had already seen everything I was really interested in. Next came the visit to America.

Your likes /dislikes about America and the Americans?

Actually, I like everything in America. One can find advantages and disadvantages in everything but they are really different for each of us. As for Americans, they are kind and give you a helping hand if needed. You see there are bad and good people in every country. All in all, I like it being here.

Has your lifestyle changed after coming to this country? If yes, in what way?

Of course, it’s changed a lot. Many people go in for sports here trying to keep fit, they are all very friendly and are always smiling 😉 And this influences your mood as well. Being in a bad mood and visiting a supermarket you gradually realize how it changes seeing amiable and kind faces. And subconsciously you start smiling!

The first thing you do while coming back to Russia?

I will keep on smiling and be very pleased sharing my inner “fire” with others, so that people in my country would be so kind and responsive as they are in the US.

Does America seem multicultural to you?

America is a terribly multicultural country! All cultures and nations are gathered there. This leads to cultural mixture creating a new religion, a new human race and new people! In my country a new religion is a Sect organized to blackmail money. This can not said about local religions. They sincerely believe in it and give it in the way you simply feel spellbound. That’s why I can say: “Yes, America is a Multicultural Country”.

Have you ever been a victim of any kind of discrimination?

Surely not! All races are treated equally. Besides, the age doesn’t matter here.

A piece of advice to a newcomer)))

Before going to any country study it thoroughly on the inside reading the literature, looking through the forums. And then visit the country of your dream first. Otherwise it will turn a nightmare.

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