Looking for 2 in 1 shower gel at the drugstore – in Germany you find gels that specifically state for hair AND body. Of course the practical-thinking German is fond of this option since it saves you space and load (and money?) when shopping, travelling, etc. My German friend incredulously recounted his futile search in Australia for a 2 in 1 gel since he was naturally concerned about the ‘right treatment’ for his hair and body! Of course, upon closer scrutiny, there’s also the 3 in 1 gel: hair, body and…you guessed it, the face too!

Months planning a 3-day or week-long holiday – It’s not uncommon to spend countless (stressful??) afternoons in search of that perfect place with just the right amount of greenery, tranquility and remoteness. It doesn’t matter if it takes you months, it’s all worth it in the end! On the topic of vacation, of course tips and tricks on where, when, what, why are gladly swapped and discussed!

Dreaming of a house in the countryside with garden – although this is by no means unique to the German, it’s certainly something you will frequently hear especially when speaking to young couples and families.

Did someone mention garden??! Of course, trying to stuff as many green plants into your small apartment or proudly displaying them on that narrow windowsill are a must!!…on second thought, as soon as there is a hint of spring, plant fertilizer and seeds are displayed everywhere. And let’s not start with the ‘Schrebergartens’..and why not..that apple tree!

Courses for mothers with babies (too many to count), courses on house purchasing and loans, courses on how to improve your CV… you name it, there’s a course out there to match it!!!

Thinking of buying a new phone, microwave, camera or for that matter..a disposable grill-set ?! Then first you’ve got to consult the latest ‘Warentest’ (ed. – product test) publication, double check the reviews, ensure it’s TÜV-approved and so on and so on….

And yes, there are really trains that ride into the platform at (oddly) stated times like 7:38am and ride off one minute later! Tough luck if you have to wait another half hour for the next one! But if you ask the Germans, the trains never run on time and are known for their delays!!!


Finally, Klarheit und Transparenz (clarity and transparency), hence the term ‘alles klar?‘, are sacred. It’s better to shut up rather than emit a comment that’s based on speculation or imprecision!

By Nasima

Multicoolty Collaborator, Migration Expert