I live in Germany since I was 20 years old, now am 40. I was born in the city of Nis in Serbia. I came here with my family because of the war. I do not know whether I’m happy or not…it does not really matter. I’m homeless, plus Roma. Do you understand what that means? Even from your brothers in misfortune (other homeless people in Berlin) you’ll often face discrimination.

Today the whole world speaks about the equality of all nations, but the reality is somehow different. What do you think ordinary people say about us? Your idea about Roma people is often the case: “The gypsies are vagabonds, they are dirty, they beg, steal and cheat. “What do you think? Is it easy to live with these stereotypes?

Imagine: You are an employer and you have to decide… You have two candidates for one job, both have an excellent degree. There is only one little problem – the one is German and the other one is Roma. Rejection guaranteed!


By Masha

Multicoolty collaborator in Berlin
I'm a faithful wife, a social worker, a passionate writer, a casual smoker, Janis Joplin Fan, a beer drinker, a classical literature avid reader and #dontcarewhatuthinkaboutme!