Hello there, my name is Marina. Originally, I come from Maykop – the capital city of the Republic of Adygea, Russia. It is a very peaceful place, where the sun shines almost all year round and it never rains. Probably, that’s why I am always so cheerful, easy-going and actually never fall into despair when I face problems.

I am a Russian-German teacher in a kindergarten for bilingual children in Berlin. I adore my job simply because kids feel when one gives love to them and they give it back ;-).

I am happy to be part of your interesting project! I support the idea of multicultural society. I am used to it because I grew up in the Caucasus, where a great number of different nationalities have been living for centuries side by side. I think people of different nationalities and cultures have to cooperate with each other and learn to be tolerant, as well.

I have been living in Germany since more than 10 years now. I came here with the Au-pair program. Back then I wanted, as one would say, to show myself and see others. I did not plan to stay here for so long… but… First I started learning German, every day for about 4 hours, and then I made up my mind to pursue a degree. I had to complete the so-called Studienkolleg (a preparatory course for studying at a University –ed.). It was not always easy, I went through tears, cultural shock, feeling of being misunderstood. Sometimes I felt being so neglected that I was on the verge of leaving Germany 😥 . But I was (and am) ambitious enough, I did not give up and I am happy where I am right now!

I feel deeply integrated into the German society… so deep that sometimes visiting my parents and relatives in Mykop, I feel there like a fish out of water. It is easier for me now to deal with everyday problems and errands (like filling in different applications) in German than in Russian. What I like the most in Germany is a very developed infrastructure, and everything is done for the citizens, everybody here is socially protected. There are also some things I don’t like about Germany…for example, Germans are more cautious than Russians. Sometimes you can’t even guess what your German colleague thinks about you…. as a rule, Germans always smile when looking at you.

But we, Russian, have also our peculiarities 😉 That’s why I try to accept things as they are, especially in Berlin….. I am happy to be here and to have found my second home.

By Masha

Multicoolty collaborator in Berlin
I'm a faithful wife, a social worker, a passionate writer, a casual smoker, Janis Joplin Fan, a beer drinker, a classical literature avid reader and #dontcarewhatuthinkaboutme!

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