My name is Eleanor and I have been living in Germany since 4 years. I’m a blogger. I manage the page “My life in a suitcase” – a guide for those who want to move to Germany or those who want more information about the country.

Initially, the difficulties are the same for everyone. First of all, the language – mainly because German is a fairly distant from the Italian language. I knew other foreign languages and had a solid study method, after all learning German was not too difficult 😉  The second difficulty is to get used to new rules, new ways of doing things and be open to learn about a culture different from ours. There’s a cute joke circulating in Germany that goes like this: “You know how many Germans are needed to change a light bulb? One. We are efficient and we have no sense of humor “. Well…. more or less it’s true 😉

For the rest, it is not difficult at all to integrate into the German culture. The Germans at the end are very friendly people unlike the stereotypes and clichĂ©s! I was lucky enough to meet friendly and supportive German and eventually I married one 😉

Read the full interview in italian here.

By Eve

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