Hello! My name is Amber, I am Dutch, but my boyfriend brought me to Italy.

What was it like to learn the Italian language?

It is a difficult language, grammar, even the order of words in a sentence. But to live in Italy you need to learn the language, because not all Italians speak English and therefore helps much if I speak their language. I did it for three months a school and then worked in a shop, watching TV and listening to music.

Did you have any problems when you first arrived to Italy?

All-day speaking in another language is sometimes heavy and then for the rest nothing. : D

Have you always wanted to live in Italy?

My mom yes 😉 me not.

Do you follow the news from your own country?

Yes, i do but not really much, not that i want to watch it everyday.

Do you like Italian food?

Si, really much! I don’t really like the Dutch food 😉 . And from the moment my mom went to Italy, we eat only Italian at home.

What ideas did you have about Italians before moving here?

That most of the italian men are very fond of their mothers ;-). And it is true but they will never say that it is true 😉 I also thought that they were really happy and open.

What do you miss the most about your home?

I miss my friends really much and my family, of course.  At the beginning in Italy I felt lonely. That it took more time to go somewhere because I didn’t have a car and Italians do everything with the car ;-).

What stereotypes have been confirmed about Italy?

Actually several of them!

The only thing i didn’t know was that Italians are old-fashioned…. for example, the man pays everything and in the TV the women can do nothing just be beautiful and laugh about every joke.

Is there anything you find strange in Italy?

I think it looks like I go 50 years back in time when I am in Italy. And when you are on holidays you don’t get that, believe me! But now that i live here I really experience this in many ways.

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