My name is Davide and I am an Italian chef working in an Italian restaurant in Moscow. This is not the first experience abroad related to my work. I had worked for some time in the United States, Canada, and Japan and in different Italian cities… At first I thought I would come to Russia for a year, but it’s been three years since I moved hereJ, and I continue to enjoy my life here. I have a great job, I am surrounded by terrific people and Moscow is not bad after all…. And after a while you get used to the grey climate as well. I think I stay here for a little longer.

Before coming to Russia, I deliberately did not read anything – no guides or travel websites I mean. So I did not have any stereotypes about Russia, because I simply did not want to know anything but to experience things myself…. I came to Moscow and began to explore the city from scratch. For example, I was very much pleased to find out that several Italian architects played an important role in the city’s construction!

What are the main difficulties for you in Russia?

Even though I am Italian 😉 I am still not very accustomed to the fact that there is no timetable in Russia. People here have breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever they want. 😉

In Italy, every meal has its own particular time and it is sacred!

I also really miss the Italian tradition of the aperitif. After work every Italian meets his/her friends in a bar, drinking something light and chatting on various topics including Italian politics.

Due to the lack of knowledge of the Russian language, I have to learn to live here without it. The first months of coming to a supermarket I had to choose products only from the pictures. 😉 This method of survival has been so far working well for me!

What is it that you like the most about Russia?

Russian women. 😉 Beautiful long hair, nice clothes, always good-looking! And regardless of the season, even if it is winter (and Russian winter can be terrible, believe me) Russian women can safely walk the streets of Moscow on high heels. Beautiful to look at. 😉

By Eve

Multicoolty founder.
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