Hello world! My name is David and I am an American from Utah who happens to be living in the Russian capital now 😉 .

What brings me to Russia?

Well, my church… I am a Mormon. I am on a mission with the Church of the Later Day Saints since August 2015.

What is it that you like/dislike in Russia?

I like the Russian language (I attend a course), the Russian culture and numerous museums in Moscow. I also started liking the “tea culture” on every occasion. 😉

What I don’t like is that there is no private space… don’t get me wrong, but here people tend to stand too close to each other. It is weird and uncomfortable. I often take a couple of steps back when people approach me (I am used to it you see)… it’s the thing that every American complains about.

I also find the lack of smiling faces rather depressing… we Americans tend to smile for no particular reason and are optimist by nature…. But I understand that Russians had a very hard life…

What are the main difficulties you are facing?

 The language and perhaps finding friends…. People need more time here to become friends unlike the USA.

 How do Russians perceive you here?

 Ah I don’t like this question. Too generic… One thing for sure is that there’s a lot of anti-American propaganda in the Russian TV. Older generation of Russians probably have a “negative” perception of the Americans, but young generation rather like all things American like MacDonald’s, Pizza hut, our movies etc etc.

What are your 5 main “findings” in Moscow?

Museums, Russian cinema, beautiful architecture and Russian ballet and classical music!

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