From the operation Mare Nostrum that, as claimed by several advocacy groups, saved thousands of lives at sea in 2014 to the new operation Triton, that only saves borders and not people, the Mediterranean Sea has turned into the Mare Mostrum (monster sea – ed.) and became the largest cemetery in the open air.

Yesterday afternoon activists from African Diaspora and MigraAfrica organised a flash mob in front of  the Cologne Cathedral to commemorate those who died at the Mediterranean Sea. There were more than 500 hundred human right activists, immigrants, locals and even some curious tourists, who lay on the floor covering themselves with paper creating the impression of dead body bags. “I am a student from Eritrea and I came here today to commemorate those people dying at sea almost every day and to raise awareness among the public,” – one of the participants told me. “You know, I am a lucky one… I actually made it to Germany by plane!”

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