What do you miss most  about Germany living in France?

Some small things…mostly food 😉 for example, Toffiffee, Koppers chocolate, sausages  … and Easter time! In Germany it is a tradition to making “egg” bouquets with forsythia. In France…those are impossible to find!

What surprises you most about the French culture?

It’s not easy to say. Now a lot less simply because I’m used to living in France … at the beginning it was difficult for me because people talk fast, but mostly they almost do not allow you to speak, you must be very quick to respond 😉 if not I bet there will be someone always ready to speak before you! In public administration offices you really have to annoy people that work there in order to get what you want.  Positive thing to me is the French “lightness” and easiness to life that I unfortunately  can not find in Germany.

Read the full interview in French here.

Thanks to Clémence for the interview!


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