One of the biggest problems when starting in a new environment is the fact that you don’t have a network. Not having a network almost always means that you don’t have access to the same opportunities as people who are deeply involved in this environment. A good mentor can solve this disadvantage.

But the question is, where do you find a good mentor?

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Accedera GmbH Viola Hoffmann started a new series of video interviews on “Accedera’s Guide to Germany” and interviewed the inspiring founder of the mentoring program Kaneza Initiative Elizabeth Kaneza. She talks about why mentors are incredibly important and how you can actually find an experienced and trusted advisor.

The two integration experts come to the conclusion that there are three main steps to follow when you’re trying to settle in in a new place or job. First, you have to know what you really want and then find the right person to address. Finally, it is important to build a relationship to the person you hope to get guidance from. Why is a mentor important to progress successfully and how exactly to go about it is explained in detail on “Guide to Germany“.


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