On that evening we decided we must escape somewhere or …we would be killed. One could not stay there anymore.

The Taliban soldiers came to us, as always, without being invited. To the question why my elder sister was still living at her parents’ and didn’t have a husband and children, my father gave no answer.

Of course, he tried to protect my sister saying that she was still very young. But one of the soldiers said: “Shut your mouth or we will kill you and will also take your other daughters away.”

It was two years ago. Since that time we have not heard anything about my sister. Sometimes I pray for her and beg Allah to save her and help her. And then I ask myself, if God exists … In the end, in God’s name, my sister was taken from us.

From Afghanistan to Greece (over Iran and Turkey) we had to escape on foot, only at night, in complete darkness. It was very dangerous to do so during the day; we could be caught and then shot dead. From Greece to France we succeed to travel by train, as dodgers, of course. In that way, we also reached Germany.


I am happy here, happier as before in Afghanistan. I can go to school. Can you imagine? I can go to school and I DARE go to school;-)) Until I was 13, I didn’t know at all what a school meant. That is very important to me and I appreciate that greatly. Now I can read and write, I can speak German and l learn passionately English!! In the future, I would like to be a hairdresser.

I am 15 years old now and I DO not have to be married. I can stay single as long as I wish, nobody will force me to marry somebody. Although I have remained faithful to my religion, I don’t wear a headscarf, and my father and brothers don’t have anything against it. On the contrary, they say: “Without is better”  🙂

You know, may be everyone should love his country… but I cannot. I hope, one day Germany will become my country, my motherland.

Photo from Morgue File.

By Eve

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