Cologne’s impressive history really stood out for me as a visitor. The monumental and UNESCO landmark, Kölner Dom, is just the tip of the iceberg that can lead to exciting explorations throughout the city. I loved seeing the excavated and structural remains of the Roman Empire and walking through streets and squares that saw host to large markets during the Middle Ages. It was a pleasure to experience the streets capes, architecture and the rich history! I loved and enjoyed the traditional foods and the amazing dishes my cousin made at home with the delicious ingredients from around the area. I indulged in chocolate, cookies and marzipan. I went a bit crazy… I have to admit.

Although the people of Köln were very accommodating, I did have a couple of experiences where I felt I was inconveniencing others – in very simple scenarios. So I did pick up on an undertone of impatience for people not doing things the way they seemingly should be done.

Some of my favorite moments visiting Köln were the walks and strolling around the neighbourhoods with my cousin Rebecca and her baby boy from Canada. We would chat, visit her friends and explore new and interesting spots. One of my favourite places to eat was “Bratwurst” on Alter Markt.

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