I am from Turkey and have been in Germany since 16 years and since 14 years I have this hair salon over here. I was jobless for only two months once I got here. I am doing very well and of course satisfied with everything. I have been a hairdresser already for 30 years, by the way. About 35 per cent of my male customers are actually Germans and among female customers about 20 per cent are Germans.

October of Multicoolty excitement in Cologne – Second Tour 

October of Multicoolty excitement in Cologne

We visited so many interesting places in October that we couldn’t really figure out what part to take and what to leave out. Therefore, our first tour is simply a selection about our explorations in October. In a way, it shows how the Multicoolty project has started – vibrantly, full of positive people and emotions. It truly came as a surprise to us that people were so friendly and open when you ask to take a picture of them. We are very grateful to them and looking forward to new Multicoolty encounters.

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By Eve

Multicoolty founder.
Always a learner, hungry runner, dog lover for life, world traveler, serial fish eater and espresso drinker, Juventus fan and a true multicoolty at heart!

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