My name is Lori, short for Lorelei. Back in March 2012, I quit my job and did some soul searching. I am originally from California and at that time I was living in Montana and was now looking for an escape route. Within three weeks, I decided I was going to teach English in Germany. I had “studied” abroad in Heidelberg in 2007 and decided I missed Germany too much, I just had to come back. So I sold my car and all my belongings with the intention not to return to the states any time soon. I knew where I was meant to belong. So in July 2012, I took a TEFL course in London while I stayed with some family and moved to Germany in September.

Within two weeks everything fell into place. I found a job, an apartment and managed to speak bad German through the terrible experiences at the Auslandersamt. I started teaching business English and found that I would rather work with kids. It has brought out the inner child in me again. I never ever thought I could be a teacher, but every day that passes, I know I have finally found my calling in life. Since living in Regensburg, Bavaria, I find myself becoming more Germanized. My boyfriend is German and we always joke about turning me into a “good little German”. From the simplest things such as not crossing the street when the ampelmann isn’t green to enjoying a delicious Bockbier. After being in Germany for over two years now, I still have no desires to return to the states. Yes I miss my family and going home for a visit is nice. But I could never live there again. My way of life has completely changed and I enjoy it. I walk everywhere, ride the buses, enjoy a coffee and cake and go on long leisurely bike rides.

Of course, my main reason for not returning to the states is the easy and affordable traveling. I found my life in America dull and boring and I felt like I wasn’t living. Now, I have blossomed into the woman I have always wanted to be. Whenever I tell anyone my story, they are downright shocked and amazed that I could just up and sell everything and move to Germany completely alone. I am too. I was never scared, but I never thought it would happen. And then one day, I just decided I had to live my dreams. Now I have the benefit of inspiring other friends from home to follow in my steps and I get emails all the time from friends who say I have inspired them to live their dreams. These are the emails I cherish the most. I see myself staying in Germany for a very long time and settling down with my boyfriend. I feel at home here. I like the traditions and the culture, granted I don’t enjoy some of the rude behaviours of people, but you would find that anywhere. I have finally found me!

By Eve

Multicoolty founder.
Always a learner, hungry runner, dog lover for life, world traveler, serial fish eater and espresso drinker, Juventus fan and a true multicoolty at heart!

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  1. Within two weeks everything fell into place. I found a job, an apartment and managed to speak bad German through the terrible experiences at the Auslandersamt…

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