My name is Richard Adu. My mom is a Ghanaian and my dad a German. I am 25 years old. I am a banker, a model and a hair stylist. I finished my first degree two years ago and now here in Russia I am getting my second degree in International business.

When and how did you come to Russia?

I came to Russia almost a year ago. 25th August will be a year.

Your first impression of this country. Your likes or dislikes about Russia and the Russians?

Russia is a great country with great values, culture and rich history. I like how they remember their heroes, especially those who fought during the war. I personally witnessed how thousands of people gathered at Mamaev Kyrgan on the 9th may just to remember the heroes of Russia. It was really nice.

One thing I don’t like about Russia is the level at which the young ones are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. It’s very easy to see those under the age of 18 years smoking on the streets without anything being done about it. I am not Russian but I love Russia and I care about the future of this country.

The most unusual custom or tradition in Russia? 

Unusual custom? I don’t think I can pinpoint any custom or tradition as unusual because a custom to me is a custom and it loses its value when it becomes usual.

Have you ever been a victim of any kind of racism here?

Oh yes…. on several occasions. Not everyone though. Most Russians are very welcoming and respect blacks. And few ones who still live in the past and lack the civil values always try to disrespect you whenever they see black people. Even some of our teachers are very racist. For me I think with time everything will be okay.

A piece of advice to a newcomer 😉

Most people in Africa think everyone in Russia is a racist but I will advise anyone who want to come to Russia to delete that misperception because it is not true that everyone is a racist in Russia.

Russia is a beautiful place with some beautiful people in it.

Interview by Anastasia

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