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We want to take you on our tours to discover the taste of multicoolty Germany. Experience traditions, rituals and life styles of the multicoolties through our trips. 100+ is the number of tours we want to reach.

Carnival frenzy started in Cologne

If anybody desires to have a culture shock, then the Cologne Carnival is the place to be. Today was the official start of the Carnival season, which lasts until mid-February, so get your calendars out and come see it for yourself. The frenzy was officially opened on the 11th of November at 11.11 in the morning, which, indeed, was Monday morning this time. A normal workday… A huge misjudgement right there.

By the time we got to the centre, around 11, it felt like it’s one o’clock in the morning on a Saturday night and everybody is celebrating Halloween. Needless to say, by that time everybody seemed to be out of their minds. And this is not even an exaggeration. People were literally dancing in pubs with disco lights and loud music and this even before lunchtime!

For foreigners like us, this setting can be rather confusing, though many multicoolties were already converted by the crazy Rhinelanders, wearing a full costume and having their fifth beer at Midday. For the sake of the tourists and the multicoolties who don’t yet know what the Cologne Carnival is, we decided to ask some Rhinelanders celebrating on the streets one simple question: how would you explain to a foreigner in one sentence what Cologne Carnival is?

October of Multicoolty excitement in Cologne

We visited so many interesting places in October that we couldn’t really figure out what part to take and what to leave out. Therefore, our first tour is simply a selection about our explorations in October. In a way, it shows how the Multicoolty project has started – vibrantly, full of positive people and emotions. It truly came as a surprise to us that people were so friendly and open when you ask to take a picture of them. We are very grateful to them and looking forward to new Multicoolty encounters.

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