My name is Carol and I am from New York City, but I grew up in Bern, Switzerland. I have a language background, but I always wanted to become an actress and actually dedicated a part of my life to it. When I came to Germany in 1999, I was taken aback at how different Germans were to Americans. I had a few bad experiences, and didn’t feel so welcome in the beginning. But the younger people are the more open and friendly they seem, and I also got used to the German way.

I am currently teaching English and German to little kids.

As a teacher, do you see any difference between a German and an American teachers?

In America we encourage students not to be afraid to speak, we have the so-called “can-do approach”, always being very positive! Here, I do not say only Germans, I say Europeans in general are much more critical. And when I criticize, it is only a constructive criticism!

What was the biggest struggle for you when you came here?

Not to have the network of friends I used to have in New York.

What is typically German for you?

They  love their cars – they are holy for them and of course, holidays – they have lots of them!

What strikes you still in the German society?

How traditional they are! Many traditions are still very connected to religion, for example, Christmas. In New York, Christmas is mostly about parties and presents!

Do you think multicultural society can work?

Absolutely, it is where the future goes!


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