Where were you born?

My family has been always living on the territory of our wonderful country: Russia. At the age of three I went to a kindergarten. It wasn’t special. And I was the only Muslim there. I played, walked and spent all the time together with Russian children. I was really a happy kid.

What about your school years?

When I went to school something changed a little as I had to pay more attention to what I ate at the canteen and even read the menu thoroughly. Moreover, some boys started fighting to draw girls’ attention just in the presence of the latter. No wonder that they hurt girls occasionally, but usually forgot to apologize. Some kind of a paradox ;-). But I try to pay no attention. Nevertheless, I still was the only one from another world!

Were there any changes during your studies?

Then I entered lyceum. School life is much more eventful here, and I take part in the majority of them. Besides, students from various countries (France, Italy, Vietnam and others) come to study with us. Some spend half a year, others – the whole year. And I feel myself at home as the atmosphere is absolutely different.

And what’s now?

Now, when I am nearly sixteen I still pay much attention to food I eat, take part in volleyball and basketball competitions among schools in our city and go in for aerobics in sports center. My clothes is a bit longer and it’s not so cobweb and tight-fitting, but I like it. All is well that ends well. 😉

by Anastasia

Picture taken from Morguefile – free foto archive.

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