Two years ago today is the day when it all started: we started our great project that celebrates diversity and individual experiences of people who have chosen for one reason or another leave their home countries to new destinations. The second year has been very challenging and yet very successful! Multicoolty is getting bigger and is continuously expanding to other countries. Today we are celebrating and YOU are the ones that made our project possible and keep us going!

Thinking about the second year

Looking back at the last year, we can’t help but summarise some of the key milestones we have achieved. We were able to learn so much, to meet so many people from all walks of lives and to exchange ideas and to grow to where we are right now:

  • new people ended up working with us: Masha, Ying and Madhuri
  • we have about 5000 fans on Facebook!
  • we have published about 300 new stories …this actually means we have met (some via email or Skype) and interviewed more than 300 people!!!!
  • people start recognising us on the streets 😉
  • our expat dog Buddy is still around and actively participates in the daily life of multicoolty

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Thinking about the future

The last two years have flown by. We have published numbers of articles, produced a number of videos… we have received hundreds of emails and your feedback and we are just getting warmed up 😉 We have more great ideas, bigger plans and are ready to experiment! Our big goal is to keep on making difference in this world: in creating a more tolerant and multicultural society where diversity is celebrated!

Multicoolty has evolved from a simple idea into a social and media enterprise! We are proud of what we have accomplished so far, we are excited about our tremendous growth and are looking forward to new challenges and positive changes. Multicoolty will hopefully come to your country soon…let it be in 2016!

Be Social

Be social and talk about our community on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and whatnot 😉

We want to know and discuss with you the possible future evolution of our project. Please contact us and share how we can be useful to you….

Be inspired

Multicoolty stories are inspiring! Your story is inspiring! Write it and share it with us!

Thank you dear multicoolties

It has, indeed, been a great year and we have more to come next year! Let us celebrate our anniversary with you. We would like to thank you all! Thank you for your stories, for the enormous support of our project and for your great feedback that help us grow and make multicoolty better for you!

Thanks a lot for making multicoolty a success and a real community! You are all cool… multicool 😉

By Eve

Multicoolty founder.
Always a learner, hungry runner, dog lover for life, world traveler, serial fish eater and espresso drinker, Juventus fan and a true multicoolty at heart!