My name is Gabriele Foralosso, I come from Padua, Italy, where I studied Cinema and Multimedia Production. My hobbies are for sure Cinema, Theater and Volleyball. To be honest, what really brought me to Germany was LOVE. I followed my ex girlfriend after we got to know each other in Finland. For sure, the biggest struggle at the beginning was the German language. I didn’t speak a word of German and sometimes I felt like I would never have been able to learn it.

How was your integration process?

Maybe my integration process was easier than for many other people here simply because I had somebody near me that was truly helping me with the language, bureaucracy etc.. Then at the beginning I also worked a lot,  I made more Italian friends because I was working in an Italian Eiscafè, but I’m not really  sure I have integrated totally into the Germany society…

What did you think of Germany before moving here?

Germany was not on my mind at all… I was imaging a cold and really grey country where people speak such a hard language!

What has been the best moment so far?

Maybe the best thing in Germany was the fact that the country helped me a lot in learning the language and I was in a class with people from 13 different countries…that was pretty cool!