Driven by my passion for discovering new cultures, and as an expatriate myself for several years, I launched the Expat Blog project in 2005. At this time, I was looking for information on the Internet about living and working abroad, especially in the UK and in Spain. I realized that very few websites were dealing with real life abroad. Content was limited to formal or institutional data. To fill this void, expatriates from all over the world were starting talking about their own experience abroad, but their visibility on the web was limited. I had the idea to gather all those blogs around the world on a unique platform: Expat blog was born! In the space of a few years, expat-blog became very popular. The traffic kept growing, month after month. I decided to do this hobby as a job. Today, employs around 20 persons and has become the reference participative site for expats and soon to be expats.


Ten years later, my ambition is still the same: putting forth and promoting the experiences of the ones living or wishing to live abroad.

We have noticed that has recently become…

After 10 years of services, has indeed become to better address expats’ needs. This is much more than a simple relooking 😉 We strived to transform the site, so that it becomes the ultimate tool to succeed your expatriation. is today more appealing and looks more professional. We continuously improve the user experience and aim at offering more and more features to our members. The brand should also help us better reflect who we truly are: the world largest participative network dedicated to expats. From a directory of expatriates’ blogs, we have evolved into a real social network for those who live or wish to live abroad. It is an important turning point as with

What are the newest features on

We help our members throughout their project, whether you are about to relocate or already living in your host country. To help them, we offer a range of tools for the country they are interested in: discussion forums, expat guides, jobs and housing sections, business directory, classifieds, photo album, social network, blog directory, and expats interviews. offers a new design, but also 2 new major features:

  1. Events: members can participate or create an event to meet up with other members.
  2. Improved private messaging system: members can create private discussion groups.

I wanted to give the project a new dimension, to offer more services, more content dedicated to expatriates and to keep doing my best so that we, as expats, have our own help and support network.

I sincerely hope you will like our new design by the way!

By Eve

Multicoolty founder.
Always a learner, hungry runner, dog lover for life, world traveler, serial fish eater and espresso drinker, Juventus fan and a true multicoolty at heart!