I came to Germany in 1974 with my father and started working in a factory. It was a difficult time. There were no Turkish specialties available over here and at the same time we did not have the right to start importing Turkish products. In our documents it was clearly stated “self-employment not allowed”. Therefore many Turkish people tried to be smart and made business with the help of their German friends. Some Turkish guys even married German women and then the woman would become the owner of the company. Only about ten years later did we get the right for self-employment. So I opened my first shop here nearby in 1986. We had every kind of export articles, for example, music on compact cassettes  and videotapes. At that time we could only watch German TV, so these goods were in demand.

Now there’s cable TV and there are Turkish shops everywhere as you can see. So one year ago I decided to change and import Bulgarian products. There are more and more immigrants from other EU countries. Everybody wants to have their own favorite products and desires to buy food that tastes the way it tastes back home.


By Eve

Multicoolty founder.
Always a learner, hungry runner, dog lover for life, world traveler, serial fish eater and espresso drinker, Juventus fan and a true multicoolty at heart!

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