Why are Germans so fond of  the flea markets?

The lady on the left: “I think because it is simply so much fun to quarry for something.”

The lady on the right: “People spend good time with their friends and additionally you can sell things that you know exactly where they come from.”

The lady on the left: “It is also nice to pass your own well-liked products to people who will take good care of  the things.”

Multicoolty flea market tour 

Multicoolty vibes on German flea markets

We’ve been planning this tour for quite some time now. Now that the weather is getting better and our hibernation is officially over,  we finally made it: a German Flea Market Tour. Every bigger city (and many smaller cities) in Germany has at least one flea market! The flea markets, in German “Flohmarkt”, are extremely popular: unlike on a normal market, you can find only old stuff on the flea markets. And the selection is amazing! You can find pretty much everything there. If you’re a fan of retro, or simply like collecting things, or enjoy shopping, or are fascinated by weird things and interesting people, or simply like to observe people, then this is exactly for you!

And here’s some evidence to support it. Enjoy!

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  1. Yay! FInally another multicoolty tour!!! Check out our colorful gallery from German flea markets, share it and leave a comment 😉

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