When and where did you come to Russia?

It happened in distant 80ies when migrants streamed in Russia from Vietnam. My parents were among them. And in a decade I came into the world.

Where did you spend your childhood?

I was lucky to spend my childhood in two different countries. Until five I lived in Russia. A lot of  happy moments are associated with this period in my life. Russian winter evenings were especially memorable: playing snowballs and building snow forts with friends, ice-running and skating… I can’t remember them without a smile. 🙂

From six till eleven I lived and studied in Vietnam. And it’s absolutely another world where climate, people and mentality differs from Russian ones. It would be very rude of me to compare where it was better.

What are you occupied with now?

I am a student at Kirov Lyceum of Economics and Law. It’s one of the best and the most difficult places to study at in our city. Our school life is rich not only in huge number of classes but also in important spectacular extracurricular activities. It moulds every pupil’s character and forms a peculiar vision of the world.

How do your classmate, teachers and other students treat you?

My classmates are wonderful, kind and responsive people. We get on very well with one another. Nobody has ever offended me at school. Moreover, I have never been a victim of any kind of discrimination in Russia. I must say I was lucky to find this educational institution. Members of our Lyceum are one big happy family. By the way, Europeans come to study at our school under the auspices of the cultural exchange program.

Is there anything peculiar in education or people relationship in Russia and Vietnam?

As I’ve studied in Vietnam before, I am going to compare educational systems of these countries.

So, in Russia children spend eleven years at school while in Vietnam their studies last for twelve years. I was very much surprised at this fact (the surprise was pleasant enough). It was some kind of a discovery to find out that after nine years at school students can either enter a college or even find a job and continue their studies. In Vietnam they don’t do such things because if you give up studies they say you have lack of money to continue your education. I also like that in Russia there are a lot of special schools with profound study of one or even several subjects. I consider it to be a great plus and a peculiarity in education. I wish there would be such schools in Vietnam! 😉

As for relations between people in Russia they are very much to be desired. People only care for their own life, and they try not to pay any attention to other people. And Russians’ attitude to foreigners is a theme of a special issue. Of course, not all of them are the same. There are quite a lot of kind and responsive people to whom it will be normal to give you a helping hand. And I dare say that people in Russia are becoming better and better changing their attitude towards foreigners, first of all.

Are you going to come back to your homeland or, perhaps, stay here? 

I’ m going to come back to Vietnam. And not because I can’t live happily in Russia, but my heart just aches for home… From time to time I go to Vietnam, but sometimes longing for family and old friends gives me no peace.

Do you feel yourself a part of Russia?

Oh yes! I feel myself a part of this huge country, and Russian mentality discloses in me more and more often. 😉

What are your plans for the future? How do you fancy yourself?

Well, I fancy myself as the Russian ambassador to Vietnam or a Minister for Foreign Affairs in Vietnam. I’d like to improve international relations and intercultural communications between my homeland and my motherland that has raised me 😉

By Eve

Multicoolty founder.
Always a learner, hungry runner, dog lover for life, world traveler, serial fish eater and espresso drinker, Juventus fan and a true multicoolty at heart!