Notes from France…

It’s obvious that food for a true Frenchman is everything. It’s his/her God ;-). The French can spend long hours having their dinner and enjoying all sorts of wines and cheese. Perhaps, the only nation that can tell you the exact “race” of any wine ;-). It’s not a secret that some products have disappeared from Russian shops ‘cause of strained relations with Europe. The French wonder how the poor Russians would live without “excellent French cheeses and wines”. Oh, easily! The majority of Russians haven’t ever tasted them. But when in Russia the French eat our pelmeny washing them down with local beer and taking local cheese after them, and feel in seventh heaven. Are we really so poor?

Another particular thing in France is using an enormous number of cutleries that makes a meal so much ceremonial. Being an ordinary Russian woman from the country, you feel quite uncomfortable. But mother wit is of great help here. You simply watch and do the same operations! Cute, isn’t it? 😉

About emigrants: It’ s quite easy to integrate in France if you are far away from Paris and Lyons which are the most troublesome places. Otherwise you risk becoming a victim of discrimination there. The French are ready to give you a helping hand in learning their native language and getting any education in their country. The problem is that you have to study.

About the sense of humour: Oh, it’s really specific. Those who don’t live near or communicate with them simply don’t understand that the French like to laugh on themselves. Our world is not perfect, and the people living in it are with their own small weaknesses. Their sense of humour is a peculiar and unique feature. Misunderstanding leads to such tragedies as at Charlie Hebdo’s residence on 7 January 2015. Innocent people were killed for sharing their good mood with others. Sorry to say, such things often happen nowadays and not only in this country.

About jewelry: Here the majority of the French share Coco Chanel’s point of view that jewelries made of precious metals and stones can wear only members of royal families. The last know-how to wear them in such a way as not to be vulgar or showing lack of grace. That is some kind of a sign of responsibility and social status. And, for sure, it doesn’t mean that it’s enough to be simply a housewife with a rich and prosperous businessman as a husband. You should be an individuality yourself who does something to this society. That’s why Mademoiselle preferred to refashion jewels adding some gems. In the contemporary world there are a great number of non-ferrous alloys to suit every taste.

About anaplast: Going crazy about a new tendency when you let the surgeon cut your body and change it to your taste or do some injections. Especially, it’s widely spread among Russian housewives and businesswomen. They start visiting such clinics at the age of 25 and even abroad! Unbelievable!!! And if we compare two ladies with and without plastic surgery, the one with it will look too much artificial at the age of 45-50. Well, it’s not so popular in Europe as natural beauty is much more valuable. Why not to use creams and massages? It’s much safer anyway ;-).

About little black dress: The greatest invention of all that Chanel made. It’s absolutely unique and always trendy ;-). Moreover, it doesn’t matter how old you are or what your nationality is. If you are a woman it’s a must-have. The only problem is to find such a dressmaker that will be able to create a perfect one for you. This dress will be acclaimed both by Frenchmen and Russian men.

by Anastasia

By Eve

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