I’m a Canadian with a big love for travel. As such, I run a travel and expat living blog in my “spare time” with the hope to inspire others to travel or even move abroad. I moved to Germany in order to start a brand new life halfway around the world. I’d always dreamed of living in Europe! So with that in mind, I quit my job, sold everything that I owned and moved to Berlin. I came by myself, without family, friends or a significant other. In fact, I didn’t know a single person in Berlin! I’d never even been to the city for that matter. To add to this, I was unemployed and didn’t know how to speak German. It didn’t take long to realize that Berlin was the right choice for me.

I took a language class shortly after I arrived in Berlin, but spent more time partying than studying. Weirdly – now that I am back in Canada, I’m taking German at the Goethe Institute. I have hopes to return to Germany to live at a later date. While in Berlin, I integrated by frequenting a cozy wine bar in my neighbourhood. It was here that I made my German friends who let me into their lives and introduced to more of their culture.

Cross-cultural blunder…There were so many that I lost count! I was once scolded by a neighbour for not recycling properly. I accidentally put the wrong kind of paper into one of our bins. Even funnier is that she complained to my landlord and I received further scolding in the form of a phone call. Trust me, I always separated my recycling properly after this incident.

Living in Germany completely changed me! Being an expat was a good experience – full of tough lessons yet a time where I enjoyed life more than I ever had before. Learning about a new culture really opened my mind to living differently – for example, I try my best to make my life outside of work interesting and fun. I take full advantage of all my vacation days being sure to travel somewhere.