Germans and pets

What  do you find so different between Germany and Russia?

Many things, for example, the way animals are treated and how much attention is given to them. There are TV shows about them and hotels where animals are allowed. In Russia these things simply do not exist. Another thing that surprised me here is that one has to wait for so long to have an appointment with a doctor. In Russia you do not wait more than a few days.

Bringing peace

We attended a special talk “Liberian led NGO for Women’s empowerment” organised by the American Women’s Club of Cologne AIWCC. Head of Mission for Medica Mondiale spoke to us.

I come from a country that was in a civil conflict for 40 years and is currently on the road to recovery. The problem is that even in peace times we do not feel safe, especially women. My long-term goal is that women in my country feel safe and respected.

About Multicoolty

Overqualified Putzfrauen

I am a German teacher. In my classes there are many women from East Europe and most of them are overqualified for what they do in Germany. They actually often joke about it. They say there have never been so many qualified Putzfrauen (cleaning ladies – ed.) in Germany before.

More than just learning

In Iran teachers are always the ones talking all the time and students are very passive. I like to study the language in Germany because I can say almost everything, I can easily express my thoughts without being afraid. In my country many things are forbidden.

Born to be a global nomad

Where do you come from?

It’s complex, but I have learnt to adjust my answers. Sometimes I’d say I am Canadian, originally from Romania, who studied in Sweden and now lives in Germany. Other times I’d say I am Romanian who grew up in Canada, studied in Sweden and currently working in Germany, but actually I am more worldly. I have adopted things from different countries.

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