Now what is the best movie you’ve watched that talks about intercultural misunderstandings and cross-cultural differences? Here is a list of our favourite intercultural movies that you might want to add to your must watch list! Can you share yours?

1. My big fat Greek wedding, 2002

2. Lost in Translation, 2003

3. Outsourced, 2006

4. Good bye Lenin, 2003

5. Wasabi, 2001

6. West is West, 2010

7. One Day in Europe, 2005

8. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, 2011

9. East is East, 1999

10. Bend it like Beckham, 2002

By Eve

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3 thoughts on “Multicoolty Hollywood”
  1. Hihi
    I’m Greek married to a German and my wedding was EXACTLY like the one in the movie. Thx

  2. “Nirgendwo in Afrika” (“Nowhere in Africa”) is probably my favorite movie of all genres, and it just happens to be very multicultural.

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