Since the eastern border was opened, the situation has gotten worse not only in Germany but in Europe generally. People search for jobs anywhere they can, and some people from Eastern Europe are willing to work for less money. Of course, for them it’s good, because the 100 euros they send home each week is big money back home, but for people living here it makes the situation much worse. I would have to be paid 10.50 euros per hour to pay all my taxes, rent, electricity, water and what not. But some Bulgarians and Romanians are willing to work for half the price.

Workers who have acquired professions over here and whose families live here are now in difficulties. Nowadays, you must either be very well educated or search for a job somewhere else. Many workers are now moving to Turkey. I am also Turkish, naturalized in Germany, and I see how many people are now moving to my home country: construction workers, electricians, truck drivers. They get paid well and with 1000 euros per month you can support three families when you live in Turkey!

In Europe life has gotten a lot more difficult in the past five years. At the same time Turkey has changed a lot and the economy is growing fast.

By Eve

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  1. An interesting and critical point of view about cheap workforce from east. "For people living here it makes the situation much worse."

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