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  Nasima Masha Lorena Federica fiorella
Eve   Nasima Masha  Lorena Federica Fiorella


We are (Eve short from Evgenia, Inga in the past and our collaborators NasimaMasha, Lorena, Fiorella in Italy, Federica in France and Anastasia in Russia) a team of journalists, bloggers and migration experts passionate about storytelling and photography. We have lived and worked in different countries and our international experiences have shaped our global perspective on the world we live in. We are real multicoolties and global citizens!

Every day in  the countries where WE are (Germany, Italy, France, Russia) we meet plenty of people from all parts of the world just like us: bright and inspiring people who bring their cultures with them making Europe more diverse. And so the idea of Multicoolty was born as we see how Germany, Italy, Russia and France increasingly become more multicultural and global. With this project we want to provide a glimpse into the lives of multicultural community by taking pictures, making great videos, collecting short and long stories from real people we meet on the streets (and not only) of various European cities.

Multicoolty is about people, multicoolty is about you!

Be active, spread the word and contact us to share your experience.


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