Arkadiy, how did you arrive in Russia?

Well, I came to Russia in 1993. My mother, my two elder brothers and I had been living in Armenia. My father has always been working in Russia. At that time the war in Nagorno-Karabakh broke out again, and it was absolutely unwise to stay any longer in Armenia. So, we had to move to Russia.

Have you planned to stay here that long?

Surely not. But then the circumstances changed, and I was sent to school. I had to finish senior school here. At first it was difficult for me to answer my teachers’ questions using Russian because I used to speak Armenian since I was born. But I had all the textbooks written in my native language with me. That is how I solved my problems with education.

What’s then?

After school I entered Leningrad College of Transport and Aviation and successfully completed my studies there. While getting education I became acquainted with my spouse. After my studies I returned back to my family, started my own business in the sphere of Building and got married to Natasha.

Do you feel homesick, I mean Armenia?

Always. There are a lot of relatives who still live there. We visit them two times a year so that my daughters have an opportunity to be as close to my culture as possible. Moreover, they really enjoy spending time with my male-relatives who pet them a lot 😉

Are there any differences between Armenian and Russian life-styles?

Oh, yes! And the most striking is in the process of bringing up children. I can’t say that Russian way of raising a family is worse than Armenian. No, it’s absolutely different as even the whole system of values. So, as they say: “So many people, so many customs”. I must also admit that the surrounding influences much any child.

Are you happy here?

Quite. My wife and my girls are always near. Besides, I have a lot of friends here both Armenian and Russian ones. Perhaps, I would be even much happier in my native country…

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