My name is Swantje and I am from Cologne. When I was a child I wanted to become a stewardess just because I was eager to travel everywhere and see the world.  I think Germany is becoming more and more multicultural and if you show your interest to integrate, it can become easy.

Why do you think some Germans are against multikulti?

Like everywhere in the world, hatred is based on fears. Germans, who are not so positive about immigrants, are often uneducated, unemployed, they are in the wrong circle of friends and can be blind by fears.

What’s the worst stereotype about Germany that irritates you?

That we are all Nazis here and that we do not have sense of humour.

What is considered disrespectful in Germany?

Not greeting, shouting or being too loud, for example, in the crowded metro and bad eating habits at table.

Could you name some of the main problems Germany has?

I’d say some changes are needed in national security, pension and educational reforms. We also have to reorganize our immigration and integration policies.  Germans, in general, are very tolerant, but we should not sacrifice our own traditions and roots. Foreigners are welcome here, but both sides should work on the integration. On top of that, I believe that all starts and ends with mutual respect and appreciation.