Hallo! I am Ahmad Budeir, 27 years old, dentist (graduated from the University in 2013) and of Palestinian – Syrian origin. My family relocated from Palestine in 1948 so originally I come from Palestine, but I was born and grew up in Damascus, Syria. Damascus is the capital and the second-largest city in Syria after Aleppo. Damascus is commonly known in Syria as Al-Sham or as the City of Jasmine. In addition to being one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Damascus is a major cultural and religious center of the Levant.

My favourite hobbies are playing football (I am supporting FC Barcelona and Germany’s national football team “Mannschaft” ;-), swimming, playstation games, watching TV & cinema, traveling ( I have visited United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Turkey and now Europe).  I also enjoy being physically active, and spend a lot of time playing sports.. I don’t find time to do it now though…

What brought you to Germany?

…hard circumstances in Syria…

How do you like your life here?

I’m very proud of the civil society that I found in Germany and it’s achievements in the field of dentistry! I would like to pursue another Degree in dental sciences in a well known university in Europe. In my opinion, tuition fees and living costs in general are reasonable.
The education system in Germany is the best. I hope it will open many doors to me. I know that living and studying abroad is not easy, but I have enough motivation to succeed, work hard and gain a degree!

What difficulties do you face right now?

Missing something or somebody is the worst thing I have in Germany ;-(  I miss my parents and brothers! I haven’t seen them since 3 years. I wish to go back soon to my home country and my family. I also miss just walking on the streets of Damascus visiting all the places I love in Syria with the my family and friends.

Another thing… it is not so easy to learn the German language,  it needs a lot of time, effort and enough connection with the community.

I hope the war in Syria ends soon, so that I can go back to live together with my family and work as a dentist.

By Eve

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