In Indonesia you get to know people very quickly. You also greet people on the street or in public transportation. In the beginning I was always very sad in Germany because when somebody walked by on the street I greeted them, but they never replied or simply gave me this strange look.

How long did it take before you gave up greeting people on the streets?

I guess about five years.

How do you enjoy your life over here?

I still like the life in Germany a lot. I don’t know if I could imagine staying here forever, but at the moment I work for Deutsche Welle and it is easier for a foreigner to live in Germany when they have a job.

I like the security. Everything is regulated. When you know and try to understand the rules, then you will feel secure over here. You can live here well. Also the healthcare… Over here you have the obligatory health insurance. Such healthcare in Indonesia is only for rich people. Here you have to have it, and this is good.

Do you remember if anything particular surprised you when you came  to Germany?

I don’t know what the Germans think about Asians, but there are very funny moments. In Berlin while I waited for a tramway, a woman came to me and asked if I could teach her meditation. I guess that for some Germans the Asians are connected to spirituality. I had to tell her that maybe I can meditate, but unfortunately I cannot teach it to her.