I believe that once you have lived in a foreign country for almost half of your life, you simply end up becoming a different person than the one you were before. To succeed in German society I feel that you sometimes have to give up part of who you are and simply adapt to the social environment you live in.

Germany is in so many way different from the Caribbean: the general mood of the people, the traditions, the values, the language and even the ideals people strive for are different. It was, for example, a surprise to me that the family of my 18-year-old girlfriend didn’t seem to mind me spending the night over at her place.

I have enjoyed the learning and job opportunities Germany has offered be. I feel safe here and have the feeling that I can achieve almost anything I set my mind to as long as I work hard for it. Sure, there are some things I dislike such as the weather, delayed trains or even some dishes like sauerkraut and rotkohl, this is just not me.