My name is Mariana and I am a student in Cologne. Originally I come from Lviv, Ukraine where the supporters of Bandera are! I’d like to say that Stepan Bandera was a fighter for the Ukrainian independence, our rights, traditions and the nation. There is a huge gap in understanding between the Ukrainians and the Russians now. Many Russians don’t understand us, calling the Ukrainians fascists or the followers of Bandera. Of course there is censorship and the lack of objective information channels in Russia and many Russians know that, but still prefer to believe what is said about the Western Ukrainians or the situation in Crimea. It is silly.

There is also a gap in understanding between the Ukrainians and the Europeans. For a European it is very difficult to understand what it means not to go on holidays for three to five years and to have an average salary of about 200 Euro, a Ukrainian doctor gets even less. Does it look normal to you?