Hello, my name is Almira. I moved to Germany from Russia about 13 years ago and I now live in Augsburg, Bavaria. For several years I have been working as a doctor at a hospital here in Bavaria.

What do you miss the most about your home country?

I miss my beautiful city and the direct contact with friends and acquaintances I know from my youth. And above all, Russian openness and friendliness and that the people in Russia are a bit quieter than people here. This is probably connected with the cold climate. 😉

What do you think when you hear “multiculturalism”?

Multiculturalism to me stands for people trying to live friendly together, to understand each other, and to find a compromise between cultural and religious differences.

What is the most common stereotype about the Russians you meet in Germany?

That’s a tough question… I’ve not heard much for the past years… I guess it has to do with the fact that I myself am married to a German.

I had heard though, and  I actually think is wrong, that  Russians were uneducated. That’s not true. There are many young people in Russia who want to study, respect others and try to understand people of other nationalities and friendly deal with all issues.

Irma und Almira Kern

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