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Multicoolty Football fever tour 


Football fever in Germany

Yes, the past couple of weeks have been crazy… Even reserved Germans have turned into fierce Latinos, cheering, screaming and dancing around in the streets before, during and especially after the German World Cup games. It’s like the Karneval, only now the colour code is different: German flag colors are in!

You can find pretty much anything you desire in the colour combination black-red-golden. By anything, we mean literally anything: interested in fake eyelashes in the German colours? No Problem. How about a cake or a meal in the right colours? You’ve got it! What about cars? There’s everything starting from little flags until covering your car completely with the flag. Hats, lollipops, chocolates, make-up, accessories, shirts, pencils, shorts, wigs, towels, phone covers, and so on…

Here some impressions of the football fever in Cologne.

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