My name is Marina and I am an Italian from Milan married to a half German. We left Italy a few years ago initially to have an international experience and to learn a different culture and our jobs took us to China. We lived in China for two years, and then we also lived in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands and now Bern, Switzerland.

If I were to choose where to live now I would not hesitate a minute and say China. I just fell in love with the country on the first day: the food, the people, the culture, the language are all so different, but fascinating and exciting!

What stroke me in the Netherlands, speaking as an Italian who loves the good cuisine, is how bad people actually eat! It’s not only about the quality of the products; it’s more about the lack of food culture….

Do you see yourself back in Italy?

Once you’ve left your home country and have lived in an international environment the chances that you get back home are very low. It’s simply more exciting, more stimulating abroad, so many new challenges and things to learn and discover. Things are too easy and too ordinary back at home.  Of course, I do miss the Milan city life, but I don’t see myself going back now.