My name is Dawn Marie Lemke and I am originally from Davao City, Philippines, currently residing in Bremerhaven, Germany. I am an undergraduate of the Hotel and Restaurant Management and my hobbies are traditional motion animation, cooking asian foods and taking artistic photos. I am married to a German guy and we are nearly 2 years married 🙂 

When I first arrived to Bremerhaven, the first thing I asked to my husband was a bottle of water and I was, of course, assuming he would give me a natural mineral water (I had no idea that carbonated water was so common here), I drank it and I felt… brrrr….. 😯  That was immediately one of  things I disliked here. Another thing is the winter… it kills me 😕  every time I need to wear heavy clothes just to go out and buy something. What I love the most is when my mother-in-law introduced me to Rouladen…delicious!!!!

I know you are a singer and play guitar very well…When did you learn it?

At the age of nine, when my father taught me… He told me to play and to learn 3 chords… I was bored but I still remember those guitar chords. I then made up my mind to resume at the age of 12 memorizing the basic guitar chords. I was too lazy to learn the names of the chords, I enjoyed listening and creating some melodies by mixing chords that I knew and then I began to create some songs without actually knowing my developed skills. One of the persons from my first band in the high school  told me that I could sing well, so I also started singing songs composed by me.


What does music mean to you?

When you listen to most of my pieces, you can hear pain, fear, broken heart…. most of the people told me that my music touched them. Writing songs is a way, in which I can have peace of mind. I think that when I write such songs, all the pain and scars I experienced in life move to a piece of paper…..In this way, I feel better….

Do you actually manage to play in Germany?

The first year I came here, I actually played a couple of gigs and I can say it is very difficult also because my german language skills are not that perfect… I can still see a lot of support from my teachers, school and friends. The local artists are also very friendly, but honestly, I think I need more time to understand the music scene in Germany.

What are you working on right now?

At the moment, I am working on a music video project and we are expecting that the video to be out by the of this month.

What would you wish to our readers?

Make the best of your present like there is no tomorrow and learn from the past. Enjoy your life in every second of it  🙂

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