There you go! We have delicious food over here: chicken chops and lamb skewers! Come on, folks!

Multicoolty tour on Birlikte art and culture festival

“Together” – Birlikte art and culture festival in Cologne

The Turkish word “birlikte” means “together” in English. Over the last weekend different cultures came together in Cologne Mülheim to commemorate the victims of neo-Nazi terror’s and to celebrate multiculturalism.

The slogan of the event “Eure Bombe galt auch mir” was a direct reference to the bomb strike organized ten years ago on the Keupstrasse in Mülheim. The nail bomb exploded on the street on the 9th of June 2004 and injured 22 people. Several of the victims were treated as the suspects of organizing the bomb attack. Only seven years later it was found out that the neo-Nazis were behind the attack.

The aim of the festival is to show that multikulti is part of Germany and the only way to fight the neo-Nazis is to stay together. “We want a future together,” is written on the event’s homepage. “Against neo-Nazis, racism and exclusion. For a fair and solidly united society.”

Although the idea behind the festival is severe, then the atmosphere of the event was very festive: there were concerts and dance performances, lots of food and multicoolty vibes. Here some impressions of the event:

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  1. New tour on our website!!! We visited the Birlikte art and culture festival on Sunday and met some great multicoolties out there. Check out photo gallery and feel free to leave a comment 😉

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