You have to submit an application and go through strict selection procedure to get a stand on a Christmas market. You present your product to a marketing team and then they choose, which products suite their market concept the best. This trademark got selected because it is all handcraft and it has a great design. It is actually very hard to get a stand on a Christmas market. Once you have the spot, you are most likely to keep it or you have chosen already several successors with similar products, who would eventually inherit your stand. There are people who have been working here for more than 20 years.

I am doing this for a friend of mine. On weekdays I stand here for ten hours, on weekends – eleven hours. At the moment it is very nice. When the temperature is below zero, then it really is not that nice anymore. You can wear the warmest clothing out here, but when you are not moving, you will get cold anyways.

Multicoolty Christmas tour 

Christmas markets attract millions of tourists

It is the time of the year when every German town gathers on a Christmas market. In some cities, like Cologne, there are several Christmas markets and all of them are full most of the time. It is also the main tourist attraction for the four weeks before Christmas. The number of guests from abroad exceeds in Cologne alone over one million visitors. Some assume there are up to five million tourists visiting the Christmas markets of Cologne each year.
Equally popular is the Christmas market tradition among the locals. Christmas time means that after work you can meet your friends for a glass of glühwein (glogg) and bratwurst in the city centre and enjoy a setting that takes you to a fairytale world. Some Germans say the Christmas market was originally created for children, but it seems that the grown up visitors enjoy this dreamy parallel world of Christmas even more.
The tradition itself dates back to 14th-15th centuries. However, only in the 20th century, the Christmas market turned into a popular tradition. (The oldest German Christmas market is organized each year in Dresden. It takes place this year for the 579th time.)
The Christmas market opens on the first Advent weekend in November and closes on the 23rd of December.
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