My name is Inge and I am German from Cologne. Actually, Cologne and Nairobi are the places where I feel home. I used to be a foreign correspondent and lived in various countries like Scandinavia, Japan and Kenya. I was a promoter of my country abroad, I was very German, but I also saw some of our shortcomings and differences. I now work as an editor and in my free time I write stories about my international life. I never regret about my international experience, but I am glad I don’t have to travel that much anymore.

Is it easy to integrate into the German society?

Nowhere is easy! It was never easy for me to integrate in different countries; I’ve always tried to lead my usual life style though.

Has multikulti failed in Germany?

Not yet, it is still very early to say. We have to find the way together. Personally, I’d be bored without foreign cultures, languages and simply international flare.  For me the perfect example of a multicultural city is Nairobi! There are so many different tribes, ethnicities and nationalities. They all have a place in the society and believe it or not live peacefully together.