My name is Rebecca and I am from Toronto, Canada. Actually, my family is originally from the Netherlands and my husband is Lebanese. My husband’s job brought us to Germany a few months ago. I do not necessary feel that we are in Germany, I feel like we are in a gateway of Europe. We have met an amazing German woman once we moved to Cologne who has been helping us with housing and my nine-month son. She is treating us like her children. We even call her “our Cologne Oma”.

What was the biggest challenge for you when you came here?

We felt discriminated when we were looking for an apartment to rent. We were rejected several times just because we were not Germans. It was just so unexpected and we were not prepared for that at all.

What do you like/dislike about Germany?

I like how people celebrate life and go out a lot. Everything here is more connected; you have shops, restaurants, and drug stores within three blocks. We also enjoy the low cost of living compared to Canada.

One thing I noticed now having a baby is that Germans often don’t hold back in terms of correcting. In Canada commenting or correcting is considered as overstepping your boundaries. Germany is also a calling country. Germans call all the time! In North America we email most of the time.

As a mother do you notice any differences here?

It is a great place to have a baby! Germany is so baby-centric and protective over children.


By Eve

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