My name is Kendall and I am an American, originally from the Washington DC area. I met my now German journalist husband in New York City where he was assigned at the time. When he said he was being called back to Germany, I volunteered to go with him. Back then I thought: “Am I crazy or what?”

What surprised you most when you moved to Germany?

I’d say how many people actually spoke English fluently.

What do people in the USA think of Germans?

The usual stereotypes: Germans are very direct and have no sense of humor! You know what, my opinion has changed actually. They might be direct, but they do have a sense of humor and all our German friends are great!

Has your lifestyle changed here?

I literally have cows across the street. This is sooo different!

What do you miss about the USA?

I miss my career. I am frustrated to feel like there is no use for me.Germany is welcoming foreigners. Now we are here and it feels like they do not know what to do with us. I just wish Germany could integrate us better. But I am not ready to give it up yet. I have a lot to contribute to the society.

Of course, I miss the ease of living in my country, the language and the culture I understand better. I miss the weather. I cannot believe I am saying this but I do miss being hot in summer!

By Eve

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4 thoughts on “Am I crazy or what?”
  1. I'm sorry, but as an unemployed woman with a degree, I have to say to this one, I wish Germany would integrate their 3 million unemployed better who also have something to offer. Wives of journalists from the USA, please take a number. Sorry, but we can't all move to other countries and expect to fullfull our personal desires….

  2. @Berta.. while I can sympathize with your frustrations as one of many unemployed Germans, why not simply appreciate the fact that a foreigner such as myself is eager to actually work and be a functioning part of German society, as opposed to looking to find fault in my pursuits because of your less than ideal circumstances. Shame on you. Oh and to be clear… I am not the "the wife of a journalist from the USA". My husband happens to be one of your fellow countrymen.

  3. People move to other countries for that very reason, to better their lives, and that means hoping to find a job. I didn't agree with her saying that Germany should integrate people better, because I believe Germany is one of the few countries that tries just that, to help people fit into their culture(especially coming from the USA, which pretty much tries their hardest to make people feel like they don't belong) The problem with most people with degrees that are unemployed is that they refuse to do anything outside of their degree(not saying thats your case) if you need a job, jobs are out there…the immigrants are usually doing the jobs the people with degrees would never touch.

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