Positive aspects of multiculturalism stay more and more in the background and public debates concentrate predominantly on immigration, its economic advantages and disadvantages and movements against foreign influences. In the light of that, I think that one should talk more about multiculturalism in our society, especially about the advantages multiculturalism brings with itself.

For me, multiculturalism means absolute enrichment! I believe that picking up and combining different cultural mindsets, habits and lifestyles enriches people personally as well as makes living together easier. One can look at problems from different angles and that helps thinking outside a box. More cultural influences lead to more ideas and mutual understanding.

From my point of view learning languages is something that helps to understand cultural distinctions.

Languages are like windows to other cultures. Besides my native languages German and Bulgarian, I speak English, Spanish, French and Russian.

I can see that there are different ways people express themselves in different languages and through that point to their cultural background. Moreover, one can also recognise how the same topics are covered differently in different countries and different languages. Learning languages is not only fun but it helps to understand each other, live together in a multicultural society and benefit from new perspectives and ideas.


By Inga

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