My name is Ritika and I come from Uttar Pradesh, India. When I first came to Germany in 2008 for only two months I was pleasantly surprised by so many things. My first surprise came at the airport in Munich when I saw a Woman taxi driver and thought: “Wow. This woman is carrying strangers around the city, she does not seem to worry about her safety and people are not scared to ride with her. What a safe place it must be!” In India there are very few woman drivers and even less women who do it professionally.

My second pleasant surprise came at work where I met a Pakistani person. I have learnt so much from our collaboration and, in a way, it formed my perception. Bonn has so much to offer for everyone!

Is there anything you miss from home?

I miss the noise! It is so quiet here. And I miss my Indian extended family. Back home your neighbours, friends of the friends, friends of your relatives and your colleagues form your big extended family.